About Emy

My passion is what drives my designs

Ever since I was a little girl, I've always made sure I had earrings on before I left the house. Fashion has always been a passion of mine so, naturally, jewellery making came easy to me. Jewellery can be simple yet bold, intricate yet elegant, it is what completes your look. It can make a woman feel special, stylish and beautiful. Jewellery has the power to take an outfit from beautiful to stunning.

It was in 2007 that I began experimenting with jewellery designs. Over the years, I have made jewellery from patterns created by many talented designers. I have tweaked them at times, experimenting with beads, pearls, stones and other decorative elements to make them my own.

As an avid traveller, I am constantly inspired by the beauty and culture of the places I visit and its influence is showcased through my designs.


Our Jewellery

We have a library of design patterns that cater to all styles. Emy has tweaked some patterns to make them her own.

Such intricate beadwork must be supported by a strong beading thread; therefore we use FireLine because it is made of strong fibers that are braided together and fused. FireLine is resistant to abrasion, requires no conditioning and does not stretch out, which makes it a quality product.

Our jewellery is made with Swarovski beads, glass beads, semi precious stones and fresh water pearls. Finished with chains, clasps, earring backings and a variety of caps and spacers of both sterling silver and pewter.

If you have any questions about our jewellery please feel free to contact us.